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Dear Lovely Friends
This is an invitation to the tuning-in for the uplifting of COP26 in Glasgow.
Sunday 31st October at midday. The purpose is to send positive loving energy and light to the world leaders and their climate crisis teams who are gathering here to make decisions to bring about rapid solutions and actions for bringing our planet back into harmony.

Thank you so much for taking part at this important time – COP26 starts the following day.

The Pedalling For A Bright Future team will be at the Tree of Hope in Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow. This oak tree was planted by the Suffragettes in 1918 but was recently badly storm damaged so represents our need to restore harmony to our Earth.

The Climate Action Pledges collected by the team, carried from The Yew Tree at Runnymede, will be spoken out after a short time of quiet and flown on prayer flags.

It means a lot to us that so many are joining in spirit… Do please share this invitation

Blessings and thanks and love

Tess, Rima and Elsie