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Culmination at COP26

Our fingers were numb with cold as we were greeted in Glasgow By rain and wind but our hearts were warmed by kind and lovely people And the great sense Of having achieved 600 miles on a bicycle… Carbon friendly…

Here nations were gathering to find solutions and a way forward for the climate crisis. We were contributing…

We had carried around three thousand heart-felt climate action pledges from individuals. Many from children…. it was an honour to speak them out at the Tree of Hope in Glasgow’s Kelvingrove park. We, Tess, Rima and Elsie of Pedalling For a Bright Future , hugged the tree as we sent out positive thoughts for the COP26 outcome… it was, as Elsie observed, like giving the Earth a hug.

The pledges were then presented by our 13 yr old Elsie to The Bahamas minister of state for the environment who passed these precious sentiments on to the Prime Minister of The Bahamas just before he spoke to world leaders. The minister put his arm around Elsie and said “your actions have made a better world”

The original pledges were finally delivered to the symbolic cardboard Tree of Promises for everyone at COP26 to see .
We would like to warmly Thank everyone Who sent their pledges.
It has been exciting to be in the vibrant coming together of thousands of Concerned people here in Glasgow… not the least of which has been the opportunity for Elsie to express the voice of youth.

And thank you so much to all who have generously sponsored  our three charities to help the climate crisis . We welcome ongoing contributions.. Please see our donate buttons.

The work continues…


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