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Pedalling For A Bright Future

Be The Change

November 2021: The world leaders will be meeting for the 26th time since 1995. Our climate is in crisis which is globally creating extreme weather patterns across continents that is creating more difficult living environments for humans and is accelerating the extinction of animals & plants.

On 8th October 2021, we the Pedalling For A Bright Future team will be cycling 600 miles to Glasgow, COP26 for:

  • Our world leaders to collaborate with each other to create societies that are more integrated with our natural world; a reduction of polluting elements released that ultimately causes global warming and other harm.
  • Our rich nations to work in partnership with our developing nations to help them with technology to develop their energy needs so they do not need to rely on coal mines and fossil fuels to develop their nations further.
  • Each of us to play our part and take much bolder, bigger steps to reduce our impact for our future generations.
  • At the same time we want to help raise funds for our charity partners

Note: If you donate £100 to each charity, we will give you a shout out.

Meet The Team

The “Pedalling for a bright future team are an intergenerational all female team cycling to COP26 from Anckerwycke in Runnymede, home to Magna Carta, along as much as the National Cycle Network as we can. We are riding for change, for a world that joins hands together to bring a better future for our world. We are Pedalling for a bright future

Rima is a working professional. She is also known as TyreGirl / TyreLady as she has been running in events with a tyre, to campaign to reduce the amount of waste they produce. She has helped a number of marathons become zero waste and has been involved in the sustainability of Geneva marathon, Nice Marathon, Singapore Marathon and the Sundown Marathon. She is aiming to complete 100 marathons / ultras with her tyres.

Elsie is 13 years old and represents our bright future. She loves sport and is a keen surfer & rugby player. She and her younger siblings have been campaigning for a more sustainable world once they could form an opinion. Below is a video produced by her younger sister Bessie.

Tess is an adventurer, author & motivational speaker who has been dedicated for the pursuit of world peace. She is also Elsie’s granny.

Communicate With Us

The Pedalling for a bright future team can be connected directly via twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Get Involved

  • Join us on the route
  • Provide accommodation
  • Let us interview you about what you are doing to reduce your environmental impact
  • Other Advocacy

Our Map

We will be following this map (mostly unless we have detours)

Help with Accommodation

Our map and our detailed route plan will indicate where we will be stopping

Create A Climate Action

We intend to carry thousands of Climate Action Pledges that people are making to BE THE CHANGE urgently needed – to lay at the feet of world leaders. We want organisations of all sizes to participate and be part of the much needed change this world needs.

How You Can Help Further

Send a Donation

As a diverse group we have diverse interests and would be grateful if you can send a donation to one or all of the charities that we are supporting.

Create a Climate Action

Write a climate action you will take. One that you are not doing now. You can send your action to us to be read at the tree of Hope

Get in Touch..

  • Write to your MP about your concerns about the Climate Crisis
  • Ask your company about forming a sustainability group
  • Ask your church to divest away from fossil fuels & to support alternative energy technologies to be installed in developing countries

Recent News

Why are we rushing about? Why am I trying to blast through extraordinary scenery? After leaving Tess in Edinburgh, I headed out on sustrans’s national cycle network (Ncn) route 10. Had a great wild camp out. Changed over to ncn 76 which I didn’t really enjoy. It seemed to be hilly for the sake of…

Culmination at COP26

Our fingers were numb with cold as we were greeted in Glasgow By rain and wind but our hearts were warmed by kind and lovely people And the great sense Of having achieved 600 miles on a bicycle… Carbon friendly… Here nations were gathering to find solutions and a way forward for the climate crisis. We were contributing… We had carried…

Nature Encounters

Last night as I camped out the animals were noisy. In the night an animal appeared to kind of bark but it was not a dog. Perhaps a deer or a fox. Something scurried across my ground sheet on its way to an important meeting; and in the morning some birds were screeching. Later 2…